ECE 3741 – Fall 2014/Spring 2015

Course Description: Basic analog and digital electronic circuits and principles. Techniques of electrical and electronic measurements with laboratory instruments. Intended for non-ECE engineering students.

  • Delivered short lecture before each experiment
  • Helped students to complete their experiments during the 3-hr lab session
  • Developed and graded weekly quizzes
  • Designed and graded final exam

Student Comments

  • Really liked Adrian. I unfortunately dislike and am really bad at electronics, but I didn’t mind coming to lab and working with him. He definitely improved my outlook on circuits and made lab more enjoyable. Adrian is very personable and friendly, easy to approach with questions and helpful. Lab quizzes were a little more challenging but nothing completely unreasonable. Glad I got to have class with him!
  • He is great at answering his students’ questions, explaining concepts at the start of lab, and always had a positive attitude in lab.
  • He is very friendly and caring for his students. He is also very knowledgeable on the topic.